America’s Return to Its Twin Barbarisms

38_00278In 1856, U.S. Senator Charles Sumner of Massachusetts helped found the Republican Party to preserve traditional marriage and respect the value of human life, stating in its original platform:

“Resolved…it is both the right and the imperative duty of Congress to prohibit in the Territories those twin relics of barbarism – Polygamy and Slavery.”  (American Minute with Bill Federer, MAR. 11 – Senator beaten at his desk with a cane for opposing slavery)

Abolitionist graphic

Abolitionist graphic

These words of Charles Sumner and the price he personally paid for opposing slavery (per the title of the article) are history become present day issues again.  The “twin relics of barbarism” have returned in the slavery of legal abortion and socioeconomic class dependence of the Black community as a whole on the Democrat party.  Polygamy is an arm’s length distance away but drawing steadily closer through the portal of reimagined ‘marriage,’ made possible by your friendly neighborhood mentality of moral relativism.

There was only one way to reverse the progress of Sumner’s principles and that was to erode the philosophical foundation of moral realism for moral relativism through public indoctrination.  To remove prosecution for the crime of abortion, society had to be convinced that women have a right to cause the death of their own preborn babies.  Now, to remove opposition to polygamy, notions of the one-man, one-woman marriage paradigm are openly attacked as bigotry and inequality as gay-rights activists press to legalize same sex ‘marriage.’  Once society embraces the dissolution of the meaningful structure of marriage, polygamists will take up their struggle against “inequality” as well.  Then Sumner’s twin relics of barbarism will have returned fully with a vengeance.

SisterWivesHuman civilization constantly experiences this almost inevitable slide into barbarism and and anti-humanity. The triumphs of Wilberforce and Lincoln are ever outnumbered by lovers of tyranny attempting to undo what has been accomplished in the name of moral law and liberty.  For every Bonhoeffer there are a hundred German National Socialists committed to an artificial vision of utopia.  For every Cuban who remembers the tyranny of Che Guevarra, there are a hundred twenty-somethings who are wearing his face on t-shirts here in the US.  Barbarism will always be contextualized, and when contextualized, made socially acceptable.

The solution is not just to resist this latest slide of our own civilization into the pit of educated barbarism and tyranny, for educated barbarism must be fought with an educated conscience.  What are the reasons that slavery is naturally, morally, and politically abominable?  What are the reasons to define marriage as a very specific social institution?  Unless the public arms itself with reasons and leads with superior conduct, no weak appeals to tradition will suffice.

People must learn while there is still time to learn.  One day, someone may also viciously attack you behind your desk for opposing our contemporary slavery.  The measure of your success will be how long you can prohibit in the Territories our relics of barbarism today and beyond.


Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia…Don’t Fall In Love

And then it happened. 

Here’s the story:  “Married Couple Found to Be Twins Separated at Birth — New Adoption Regulation Called For.”

“In an incredibly rare twist of fate, a married couple in the UK have had their marriage annulled after discovering that they were in fact twins separated at birth. The pair apparently had no idea they were related, though felt an “inevitable attraction” that brought them together.”

“And if you don’t know you are biologically related to someone, you may become attracted to them and tragedies like this may occur.”

According to adoption officials in the UK, one of the biggest problems is the way in which human beings are naturally and instinctively drawn towards those they are similar to and share traits with. The west has a generally severe attitude toward incest which is considered abhorrent by most, but once the family tie is removed from the equation the attraction felt between related individuals can be completely overwhelming.

The fact that this particular case represents an extraordinary twist of fate is therefore considered irrelevant – adopted children must for their own wellbeing [sic] be made aware of their family trees.

 Uh, YEAH.  Now, I can’t fault the poor man for not having force powers to “sense” his own sister, but I can criticize this pomo idea that people don’t have histories that need to be taken into account for.  If for nothing else than to prevent marrying your own twin sister, men and women of adoption need to know at the very least who their siblings are.

Yes, what happened to this brother and sister is exceedingly rare and not to be feared as a sign of an impending epidemic of accidental marriages to one’s siblings.  Unless…

 …in-vitro fertilization with anonymous sperm donation artificially increases the chances of these kinds of things happening.  Oh yes, it could happen again.  As my friend and president of the Center For Bioethics and Culture NetworkJennifer Lahl, has pointed out, how long until we see accidental romances (and/or marriages if not caught in time) with men and women born from sperm donation?  In her documentary “Anonymous Father’s Day” you know this must be a pressing question especially among the single adults who were born from sperm donors.  It is not unusual for the same sperm donor to be the father of several dozen biological half-siblings.  All this to say that all this reproductive tech is, like, toadally awesome…until someone marries his sister.

 Ah, so this story reminds me of a movie and a theme song America might have heard of once upon a time a galaxy far, far away.

“Join us, we know your sister;
Looks like you kissed her.
Don’t fall in love.”